Tech Talk - Friday, July 28, 2017 - Pocket Sized Air-Purifier and more...

by: Adam

Fridays at 11:35 am on 900 CHML is Adam Oldfield on Tech Talk. Check out the line up for topics of discussion this Friday:

India will not allow for driverless cars. This was announced that the government is going to hold off for the autonomous driving approval.

There’s been a lot of pushback from autonomous-driving vehicles from the fear that a car could drive on its own. Keep in mind in the 1900s elevators were manually operated. You would step on and someone would crank to make the elevator go up and down. In 1900, they offered the automatic elevator which people immediately turned away. It wasn’t until 1945 when elevator operators in New York went on strike completely holding the city. That’s when operators put an ad campaign showing how convenient the elevator was and how you could push the button yourself. Allowing you to go up and down safely. It had children and grandmother’s using the elevator.

A pocket-sized air purifier is now available and can plug directly into your car. Removing the smell of cigarettes, food, or cigar if that’s what you have in your vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz will now play a short blast of white pink noise before and unavoidable crash forcing the occupant’s ears to turn off for a moment preventing the hearing loss normally caused by the crash or by the airbags. Think of it as someone muffling your ears from the sound of the car crunching and exploding from the impact.

Forget about smart watches, there is now a voice powered smart ring that makes you look very technologically advanced that reminds me of how the Secret Service talks to each other. This Bluetooth ring will allow you to control your smartphone and listen to calls by simply putting your finger to your ear.

In the news recently there was a hacking group that took over 32 million dollars at the time the cryptocurrency was about to announce launching. This past week they returned the now valued 60 million dollars as it was done in security for the sake of showing the full tea features of the digital money.

BMW, Audi, and Daimler have purchased ‘Nokia’s Here’ map business. This software allowed for the companies to share information that can be used for autonomous driving in the future. What’s more is BMW and the other car makers are now going to offer in their navigation system a better feature showing traffic reports to compete with Google Maps. This information is sharing the speed and current situation of each of the vehicles on the road. And to be shared amongst each of the automaker’s allowing it to better control what’s happening between vehicles.

A cochlear implant has just been made for the iPhone that will help even more people FaceTime and listen to music. Anyone who has a hearing disability can now have cochlear implants that can connect with her iPhone giving them the ability to hear and connect even.

Google now has the app “Trusted Contacts” available for iOS that allows you to connect with your loved one. Google Maps always has the ability to share where you are. Parents can now load this software onto their child phone allowing them to see during certain hours or at all times where they are located. It is private and exclusive for users. This is much different from Snapchat that allows anyone with shared connections to see where they are.

There is now a space suit that you can put your iPhone in. This will protect it from getting hot. Think of it as a cooler case that you slide your smartphone into and will keep your smartphone at a much cooler temperature if you’re at the beach.

Get ready for more folding tablets into a smartphone. As the Note 8 is about to launch and we know is going to be 6.3 inches. We are looking at smartphones needing to be more like tablets and Lenovo is going to be showcasing their prototype. It’s only a matter of a year or two until we can unfold our monitor on our smartphone.

If you love KFC, you’re going to love the fact you can now get an Android custom made KFC phone. Pre-loaded with apps that play music and allow you to order your favorite meal. Currently available in China by rumored to be coming to North America. Nothing says you love chicken then having your own KFC smartphone.

A new revolutionary battery material is going to be tested and the next year that can charge your phone in mere seconds. Utilizing a new way to open the ions to charge the capacity. Aluminum ion charges similar to pouring water in a cup. The new battery opens up and allows the flow of energy to reach all areas in seconds.

If you love your Roomba you’re going to have the option of sending the map of your home to the owner and operator of the company. Roomba has announced that they are going to be mapping out homes using their vacuum cleaner. There’s also fact that the company will use their self-cutting lawn mower to map out your yard as well. This information is going to allow for them to better provide services and products that you may want