Tech Talk - Friday, July 7th, 2017 - Sony Vinyl Records Come Back, Ticketmaster Tech for Tickets, Facebook Solar Powered Drones, Hackers Steal Passwords, Snapchat Privacy

by: Adam

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My Note5 died this past week and the days of going without a phone are gone or the need to replace an entire phone. I’m going to give my thoughts on why Samsung is still better than Apple but even more so how a local retailer managed to get my phone back up and running and me having no down time.

Google will now go through your photos that you take and has ‘machine-learning-technology for facial recognition and will prompt you to share pictures with friends when you’re at the same event. In summary, our phones are becoming search engines.

Hackers can steal passwords and pins by analyzing brain signals. Researchers from the University of Alabama and the University of California collected data from EEG headsets which sense the electrical activity in a persons mind.  This is called Electroencephalography.  These headsets were originally created for video games where you could control the character in the game. During a test while they were taking a pause and signed into their passwords online, it created a portal where it had a 43% success rate with pins and 37% accuracy when entering a password.  Facebook is also working on mind-reading technology that would allow you to directly type from your brain.

Facebook is now a step closer to providing worldwide internet across areas and countries we’re normal internet would not be provided. These large 737 size drones will provide internet access and his run on solar energy. The test had been a success after the first launch ended up crashing.

Snapchat Maps warning. Snapchat has always had privacy and some features to it. However, this new feature of showing everyone “Where You Are” by default is something that parents might want to be a little more aware of. You need to go into the default settings and turn off ‘find me’ otherwise, your friends will know exactly where each other is. This should only be done when you want to give permission two specific people.

Meteorologists are trying to predict the weather forecast in years to come in advance. There won’t be any more guessing and relying on the Farmers Almanac. Research is experimental but is proving in the next few years will be able to predict whether up to 3 years in advance.

Have you ever went to a Ticketmaster and stood in line while they scan each barcode individually. Ticketmaster has launched a new way to check event attendees by using a smartphone audio data. Rather than scanning the QR code, a smartphone will use “ultrasonic sound transmission” to verify their ticket. They would walk through the doors and a green light would approve through their phone. This new ticket system called ‘Presence’ and it is about to roll out. This will aim to reduce ticket fraud but also to give clarity of who is coming to a concert. It’s very similar to ‘Google’s Nearby’ feature which is a feature that interacts with surrounding services and devices that are within 100 ft proximity.

28 years ago Sony declared vinyl records dead. Well, they are reviving them and these zombies are about to start spinning. The 1989 Sony decided to stop making vinyl records in support of CD the company is now creating Pressing Plants at a factory in Tokyo. Sony has a decided what artists or genres of music they’re going to remake or cover, however, the good news is retired Engineers are going to be coming back to work and the plant will open in March 2018.