Tech Talk - Friday, June 14, 2017

by: Adam

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An earpiece that checks out your kid’s temp.  Makes for less invasive and works with an app to track if the temp is going up warning you at night.

Mobile payments have now overtaken the use of cash in China. More Samsung, Android and Apple pay systems are being used by cell phones. Also, WeChat which is the popular instant messaging system is a very popular way for payments to be made.

We’ve heard about Kodi and how it is no longer going to be active on a lot of Android boxes. A lot of the reasons are streaming illegally. With that said there is a new service, one that’s been around but not as popular called Mobdro. The difference between this product on your Android device is it streams only live content and the case where the server providing the content goes down it is no longer available.

The days of medical alert bracelets are going to be done. A wristband with medical records is now going to be the new life saver. The medical records come with an App that First Responders will be able to load on their phones. Connecting the wristband directly to the phone gives medical information about the patient for example, who the doctor is, recent medication, allergic situation etc. It also comes with a QR code. Don’t worry, if anyone scans it It comes with a two-tier confirmation that will validate that the first responder will be entitled to the private information.

If you love advertising you’re going to love Facebook Messenger. There is going to be an ad at the top of Messenger before you can even speak or instant chat with all your friends. With all the options available this might not necessarily be a good thing for Facebook to try to do.

A new mouthguard that will brush your teeth without you even touching it. You stick this mouth guard directly inside and it has toothpaste preloaded and you just wait your 10 sec. This new toothbrush mouth guard will brush your teeth 8 times better than a normal toothbrush and can do it in 10 seconds.

Google is aware that it is now the leader when it comes to malware and virus systems on their phones. They will be launching with the new OS and anti malware feature. What makes this new feature interesting is the fact that it will have a panic button in the case the phone acts out of its normal system requirements. You hit the button and it puts it in safe mode instantly allowing you to remove any of the unfortunate bugs that get loaded to your phone.

With all the new laws coming out and getting new reinforced when it comes to distracted driving a new product is available with a heads up display called HUDWAY glass. This product sits on the front of your dashboard and gives you clear instructions on where to turn without distracting the road.

Google is funding the creation of a software that has an artificial intelligence capable of writing news articles. That’s right your next article or blog that you will possibly read in the next five years will be done by a robot that will take key information and facts and structure it into a paragraph capable of delivering the news.

The new battery-less phone is coming. The first edition will be much less robust or smartphone than you think. However, they have discovered a way that the phone can generate its own Backscatter, a technology used in RFID that encodes existing radio signals with new information and sends it back to the receiver without using any battery resource. The phone relies on a nearby station that can send it signal to the cellular network. The prototype of this phone currently does not even have a screen. However, the phone can send and receive voice signals, pair with a set of headphones but not much else. There is no memory and you would just push the button to make it talk. However, this is the beginning of what we can expect of the future smartphone.

A little reminder that when charging your cell phone it is electric. A 14-year-old Texas girl, unfortunately, had an accident where her phone plugged in fell inside the tub. In a lot of cases, we use battery chargers to connect our phones and this couldn’t still result in the same situation.

This isn’t Tech but I thought relevant to the fact of Dodge Viper one of the fastest and coolest cars will be closing its factory doors officially August 31st. Making the Dodge Viper an antique overnight.