Friday, June 16, 2017 -Drones Deliver Defibrillators, Google Goggles that Let Blind Man See and CRTC Ruling on Unlocking Phones and much more

by: Adam
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Personal desk air conditioner that can fit in your office to keep you cool or use at the side of your bed in that bachelor apartment.
New Google goggles that gave a blind man a second chance to visually see his wife on their anniversary. The first time he’s ever seen her in the 15 years they been married.
CRTC ruling of unlocking phones at no cost after contract. I’ll go over some of the details on that and why it’s such a blow to the carriers and a windfall for the user.

Charging Cars as You Drive. Qualcomm came up with the license for cars to be able to drive over the charging system that could allow for the cars to have smaller batteries and it would charge them as they drive.  Currently can charge 2 cars at the same time.

Roomba inventor came up with “Tertill”. The weed wacker of the garden runs on solar and can pick weeds while you go to work.

Drones will now carry defibrillators and can reach patients; as it can take off in 3 seconds vs. 3 minutes for dispatch and can reach there in 5 minutes what it would take a crew 22 minutes.  This is currently being tested in Sweden but soon to be found in North America. The.only draw back is that you still need a trained tech to work them!

Android Play App store now has the Excellence collection. With all the issues of apps with bugs, this will now fix that issue easily as the apps are screened and assured for the best of the best.

Galaxy S8  and S8 plus are both rated the best smartphones by consumer reports.  A huge leap from the exploding situation of the past to who they are today.

Fake likes on Facebook are history as a few Click farms have been closed down.  Meaning you might not be showing a bunch of huge love for your kitty pics.

Google invented a way to find the perfect emoji!  You now can just draw it!

Tesla challenger Henrik Fisker – EMotion autonomous electric car comes with some amazing specs.  The battery will charge 100 miles (160km) worth of juice in 9 minutes and a massive 400 mile (650km) vs (350 km by Tesla) plus range at full power.  Other features include the car windows made with Lipik Electrichromatic glass which means tints on demand and comes with 2 butterfly doors and a digital key.  It is only $129k.

Google will now guilt you into wanting solar panels on your roof.  You can now see if your neighbours have solar panels and will give you an idea.  Google knows people want to be like the Jones’ and the new tool can easily track roofs that have solar panels and you can see it now with google maps.

Tesla Model X gets the perfect SUV crash rating of which has never been awarded before.

Chemists have created a self healing plastic that can be used.  It’s like artificial skin.  The molecules rebind and heal itself. Prosthetics can now have a self healing. Oxford University have tested and managed to make it work at room temperature.   It was tested with skin cells and could also be used to help dress wounds.

China debuts the driverless train that only needs white painted lines to follow and it can easily stay on track.