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Tech Talk – Friday, June 17, 2016

Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly, today at 11:35 on 900 CHML.  

Lots to talk about Friday June 17, 2016.

Oneplus 3 has launched. This phone is probably the least expensive and most powerful phone on the market. It’s one of the underdogs that I think comes with a lot of value that people should consider. As an example, it charges in less than 30 minutes and give you almost a good solid 2 days of battery power. There is little light on the resolution on the screen but it makes up for it and horsepower.



This didn’t happen in Canada but it’s interesting to see that a man has been given a two-year sentence for sending spam through Facebook to millions of users.



It was announced this week that Apple 7 and a few new features will be coming out with their OS. I’m actually quite excited about a few of them.

  1. “THE UNIVERSAL CLIPBOARD: Whatever you copy on your phone can be pasted to your desktop or tablet.
  2. SIRI THIRD-PARTY APPS: Siri third-party apps. Yes, you’re voice command can now control other third-party apps. You can instruct Siri to know order you an Uber cab.  Siri will also be available on the Mac OS meaning you can control it similar to work for Canada’s.
  3. This is nothing new. Android had it for awhile but Apple finally has iCloud drive. That now will synchronize your desktop almost all your mobile devices.
  4. Again Android had this for awhile, but Apple will now have voice message transcription. Which means you can now dictate or take your voicemail and it will not transcribe it and email it to you.
  5. Change going to grow. In fact, it’s going to be even easier to use than PayPal. I believe that we may see a change and growth for Apple in the online Commerce sector.



It was announced this week that LinkedIn will now be part of the portfolio of Microsoft. Purchased for 26.2 billion dollars. It’s obvious that Microsoft is taking a very aggressive approach for business. I’ll talk a little bit about some of the other purchases for billions of dollars that have worked and some that have failed.



Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge came out with a Batman Injustice Edition. If you’re into Batman this comes with the logo, as well as a protective cover with the bat symbol on it. All Batman enthusiasts will be super excited to have all the things on this phone related to Batman. It doesn’t make the phone work any better though.




Motorola came out with their new cell phone and remove the headphone jack. Nobody even noticed. However maybe it’s because Motorola isn’t owned by too many people 🙁


Smart watches are getting smarter every day. Yes, this technology didn’t quite take off quickly however, it’s starting to get some legs. Apple’s new updates include some features that have been around for awhile but as we start to see more with Fitbit and Android upgrading some of the software features we can expect that the new smartphones are going to come with a few more features that you’re going to love.



If you’ve got a Chromebook laptop made by Samsung or Google, unfortunately it is no longer going to be supported if it is more than 3 years old. That doesn’t mean it isn’t operational it just means that it isn’t going to beginning any further updates. As per the policy of Google they will only provide support for short periods of time.


Yahoo messenger is finally retiring. Yes you need to update your Yahoo messenger or migrate to a new one as there are many to choose from but Yahoo has identified that they will no longer be supporting their messenger after September 1st.


Bluetooth 5 is going to be launching after June 16th. What is it? Basically will give you further distance and  will be much faster in transporting information


Facebook down line for suicide prevention tool that helps you find friends that you’re feeling concerned about. It appears that a lot of people turn to Facebook to share their feelings and Facebook is taking action in offering people who see someone needing assistance quickly flagging to get them the help.



It’s pretty much announced the new operating system name for Google Android will be Nutella. I can only imagine what the license rights cost for that.



Apple has filed a patent for a completely “glass phone”. Yes, an entire glass mobile smartphone could be released from Apple in the near future. Personally, I can’t even imagine all the fingerprints around it.



On a fun note, the world’s most expensive tires just sold for $600,000. Yes, they were made with diamonds and gold around the outside. I freaked out when I paid $1,200 with a rebate for my tires. These tires were sold in the United Emirates and actually got a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records claiming they were the most expensive tires ever made.



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