Tech Talk - Friday, March 10, 2017 - Period-proof Underwear, Tinder Select, Amazon at Music Festivals, Canada's top ranked for internet rates, DNA storage in Digital Files

by: Adam

LATEST IN FUN TECH – This week was International Women’s Week.  

The entrepreneur woman that came up with the product THINX “period-proof underwear” is a product to prevent menstrual blood from staining and leaking. NOW… a fresh launch of products are available that will take on Toilet Paper. TUSHY is on the market. This will remove any need for wiping.  Think of it as a mobile Bidet, to attaches to a toilet it gives you that booty fresh wash. Saving millions on toilet paper and water waste.  Who knew North America goes through 57 squares of TP a day? 37 gallons of water and 1.5 pounds of wood goes into making a single roll.

TINDER SELECT – the app for celebrities of models and millionaires and those that are above all of us.  You have to be invited and it’s selected by those only with celebrities and those that do really well on Tinder”.   Sorry if you’re looking to get lucky with a celebrity you need to get on a private app for that.

Your next music festival could be giving you food, Wifi and water all by your friends at Amazon!  Of course, you’ll now get access to concert products like shirts and souvenirs. These are all available onsite for that memory to never forget including delivery directly to you through your smartphone or by drone at the event.

It looks like we may have a solution to the ever dying battery. Lithium-ion battery that was once and continues to be the only providing choice of power inside most mobile devices is about to be replaced with a solid-state battery. John Goodenough is the co-inventor of the lithium-ion and he’s now got a new product that is going to give three times the amount of longevity to battery as well as can handle-20 degrees Celsius. The most exciting part about this battery is that it doesn’t explode. It’s like the Hindenburg being replaced with Helium vs. Hydrogen.

Have you ever felt like you’ve never had enough storage space? It’s official, scientists have managed to store electronic information and video in DNA. This process costs $7,000 to convert 2 megabytes into DNA and $2,000 to convert a back into digital code. Our ancestors in the future won’t need a computer will be able to pull DNA computer code out of our bodies. The cloud is no longer existent it will now be in our DNA.

We talked about Smartware in the past and there is a few Smart rings on the market. However, a new product came out in the UK that is a little different than the others. It’s a smart wear ring that allows you to make payments by MasterCard through NFC technology and what makes it unique is that you don’t need it to tether to a phone. It is completely self-reliant and capable of making payments without being tied to a smartphone.

If you use Google to search for images in the past, imagine a new algorithm that was launched this past week by Google that now will let you search videos for items within video clips. If you’re looking for something specific you can now go through a new search algorithm. Considering that there are over a trillion videos, the search function to look through every YouTube video to see where a lantern is, is now possible.

For the person that has everything a dark web vendor is offering 1 million decrypted Gmail and Yahoo accounts in an underground Market. For 12,000 email addresses you can pay .001 to Bitcoins or approximately $12 and you can get usernames, emails and plain text passwords.

According to a report, Canada has the most affordable internet rates. How was this possible? According to the Economic Intelligence Unit, internet affordability on a list of 75 countries puts Canada at the top. Despite ranking number one, Canada fell back on other metrics including availability, relevance and readiness. Canada was eight behind the US and Singapore. However, based on our population and our central urban areas having internet at the speeds and reliability, we ranked number one based on cost. Maybe we should be quiet about what we pay 🙂