Tech Talk - Friday, March 23, 2017 - New Apple Updates, New Google Map Features, Samsung Bixby, Electric Planes, Uber Tracking, AppleCare

by: Adam

Here are the topics of discussion for the next show this Friday on Tech Talk AM900CHML with Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly

APPLE the update:

  • Announcement with Apple is the new iPhone 7 Red. A little more power but more to the tune of the charity Apple support for AIDS. 
  • The new iPad which is really an iPad Air for a lot less. $329 US dollars gives you a pretty high-profile and powerful tablet. Unfortunately, it is not able to work with the pencil. This may Inspire the education market to want to invest.
  • Which is a free app allowing you to combine video clips, photos and music to be shared with messages and social media

There was a threat against Apple with hackers claiming they had over 300 million iCloud accounts. That it was 500 million. That it was none. Apple claims this is false and the information they are claiming is not accurate and their servers were not breached. Originally asking for $75,000 us In summary is nothing to be concerned about.

News with Google Maps

  • Unfortunately, iOS did not get the update. Google Maps now lets you put a manual parking location tracker when you leave your vehicle. It also gives you the option to put a timer on your parking meter so you know when you need to fill it.
  • Another update with Google Maps in most major malls and public places such as museums and libraries now have the ability to have an internal tracking to get you where you need to be
  • Google Maps now share your location with your friends. It actually has a timer that will let them know up to a certain point meaning if you want them to know where you are on your way home it will track only until you arrive or you can put a timer on it. Since Google knows where you are why not let your friends know.
  • Launched a new patent that I think is actually pretty cool. For an iPhone to connect into the bottom of the keyboard and be used as a mouse for an iPad. The vision or plan would be an iPad that seamlessly connect with your iPhone but now your iPhone. Becomes a mouse

Samsung announces Bixby. This is the Artificial Intelligence voice recognition system will be with the new Samsung S8. It can be integrated with many Samsung appliances and Hardware. Meaning your phone will seamlessly be able to connect with your phone a washer, dryer, and television set and even your other Samsung appliances. What makes Bixby different from other artificial intelligence is the fact it will be seamless to take direction and learn what it is you actually wanted to do.

There is a new startup that will have electric planes fly from London to Paris carrying hundred and fifty passengers in less than 20 years.

Uber is now going to squeal to parents about their teenagers. Just 13 to 17 that use Uber will now give parents an extra 20 minutes of information letting them know if they actually are going to the library or to a friend’s to study. The 20 minutes will give tracking ability to the parents account giving them peace of mind as to where the child may be.

With the new laws that are going to be coming in place specifically from Western countries to the US and soon any flights coming into Canada, AppleCare maybe one of the best solutions to protect your iPad and laptop. I’ll go through the detail of why you may want to consider it if you have an Apple product.