Tech Talk - Friday, May 18, 2017 - AI Predicting Offenders, iCloud multiple passwords, Drone Jumping Sport, VR Breaking Bad News, Ransomware Payments, Facebook Deleting Past, Vivosmart 3, Android Coming to Vehicles

by: Adam

Listen to Adam Oldfield for the latest on Tech on the Bill Kelly Show AM900 CHML Fridays at 11:35 a.m. Here are this week’s exciting topics of discussion:

Artificial Intelligence is being used in Australia but could be incorporated in North America when determining whether someone may cause crime again. All the data they are collecting is now being determined on whether you could be capable of committing a crime. It’s almost like Minority Report where a computer will now determine if you will be a repeat offender.

If you use iCloud you will have to use another password as they are incorporating a second password feature into all the third party systems. So if you have Microsoft Office, Firefox or any other third-party software linking to your iCloud get ready to start using multiple passwords.

A new craze is starting,  jumping from drones. Thrill-seekers can now take a drone into the air and drop allowing you to parachute back down.

We talked about how Virtual Reality is teaching medical students how to perform procedures. One of the new procedures is also incorporating Artificial Intelligence as it helps medical students break the bad news to people that have friends or family that have passed on or had been diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening diseases.

We’ve all heard of the ransomware hackers everywhere, taking over banks and financial institutions, medical facilities asking for payment or their information will be deleted. What’s interesting is they have now set up a customer support program that actually explains how to pay the ransom. Not everyone quite gets Bitcoin. How to use it how to pay for it. Now hackers are educating us on how you can be able to make payment.

Apple Park is just about ready to open as one of the most amazing facilities in the world. What’s interesting is that they’ve also launched a new patent that could change Pizza as we know it. A pizza box has been patented by Apple that actually will keep the pizza from going soggy. I think what made me laugh was the fact the pizza boxes round. How long have we had pizza delivered in square boxes when the product inside is a circle.

New wireless head buds that actually allow you to have a computer in your ear. It’s gone as far as connecting with your smartphone and scrolling your music and information such as GPS directions. But it also comes with the ability for those with hearing issues to enhance. This will be one of the biggest growth in the next three to five years. Where you can now wear your wireless earbuds and go to a concert without fear of ruining your hearing. Be Smart Budds allow you to control your health as it tracks your steps and at the same time knows how to adjust the volume based on wind velocity and outbound sound. Another benefit is the fact it will sound so you don’t even need to hear anything.

One thing is for sure is that iPhone is coming out with a new product and it is not going to be cheap. Rumor has it, it will be almost $1,300 Canadian for the basic model. Save your pennies if you want one.

The UK Government is looking to pass a bill that will force Facebook and other social media to actually give you the ability to mass delete your past. It’s called “the right to innocence”, or “right to remove” measure and if companies do not provide this they will face fines. It allows you to remove in bulk post and photos you might not want online when you’re older applying for jobs etcetera.

There are lots of smart wear fitness devices, whether it’s an Apple watch or a Samsung watch, however, they are limited based on measuring your heart rate and steps. There is a new Smartwatch from Garmin called “Vivosmart 3”. It will actually track your reps for you. If you’re having a hard time counting to 3 or up to 8 three times this will now allow your mind to completely remove itself from Math. Yes, it will track how many reps you can lift a weight and how many pushups you do. It’s tough to count to 10.

You may not know it but as much as we use MP3 on most of our devices including our CD players and in our cars and on our digital devices, the patent has come up. Which means, it will no longer be available free for any audio creator. Apple long ago with iTunes adjusted their audio downloads into ACC format. However, you may not realize that MP3 was a Patent registered format. Meaning every time it’s made a little bit of money needs to be paid to its creator. Don’t expect to see too many MP3’s on the market in the future. It’s rise to fame came from Napster.

You may not know this but Germany is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. It just recently received the green light to start testing self-driving cars. This will be a game-changer as German manufacturers had to set up testing in other countries mainly Canada and in the United States. This could be a big change when it comes to self-driving cars advancements.

Android is coming to your car. In a much more stronger way, Android-powered cars will include Audi and Volvo with the concept car that will actually run Google’s voice-activated assistant natively into the dashboard. The original setup was Android auto but this was only a small connection point. What this means is that Google Maps will be a native software directly in the car. As is any of the systems of Google, Blackberry Q & X software currently runs in the forward and offers third-party systems like Siri or Android auto app that connects to a third party system.