Tech Talk - Friday, May 5, 2017 - The Seamless Traveller Initiative, Gravity Blanket, Microsft Surface, Self Driving Mass Transit, Facebook EMOJIS, Nissan Signal Shield

by: Adam

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I will go through my personal thoughts of the S8 and S8+ as I had a chance to review it and I’ll share a personal thought.

Allergy Solutions. A personal experience as Michelle is going to be taking 4-year medication that will completely eliminate any allergies at all. I thought this was phenomenal and didn’t even know it existed. Michelle is extremely allergic to dogs and as such by even being in the same room as someone with a dog, she can barely breathe and break out in rashes. She just got tested and apparently is allergic to cats, horses and anything else that has hair or dander. That said, she is going to be taking some medical injections for 4 years with 100% removal of allergy issues.

Imagine walking into the Border Office and just SMILING asking where you’re going and purpose of visit.   No paperwork needed.   The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will start moving towards a “contactless” system for arrivals this year, The Seamless Traveller initiative announced in 2015 is now in effect.  Incoming paper passenger cards would be abolished and manned stations would be replaced by electronic stations and automatic triage.  Passengers would not need to show their passports, instead of being processed by biometric recognition of their faces, irises and/or fingerprints.

Look Out MacBook!  The Microsoft Surface laptop is now available and according to its specs is a lot more powerful and the battery lasts a lot longer. Microsoft is competing for the education market and has come out with some impressive stats.14.5-hourr battery life compared to 13 hours.

Sleep better with this Kickstarter product – GRAVITY. This blanket is weighted about 10% more than your body weight and when you wrap yourself in it, you feel like your getting a big hug.   Making you warm and comfy, increasing your serotonin and melatonin levels…making you less stressed meaning your mood is improved, so if you’re suffering from Anxiety, insomnia this could give you that warm sleepy feeling.

Time to stop texting!  Nissan is now providing an interesting inclusion with their vehicles that will block all radio waves including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from interrupting your driving. It’s called the Nissan Signal Shield. Think of it as a cage that blocks all electromagnetic signals going in and out. You put your phone in and drive then when you stop and pull it out and the signal returns.

Self-driving Mass Transit Transit is on the way. Proterra, an electric bus manufacturer just announced that self-driving public transit systems of the future with autonomous, emission-free electric buses are coming to the market. It will start in Reno, Sparks and Carson City in Nevada. It is predicted that this is all coming to our roads by 2019.

Facebook is using everything we like and view to its advantage to make money. The biggest revenue stream is advertising. Facebook is now using your likes and further information for its advertising. It is using your emoji emotions to decide what to sell. It feeds upon what your personal interests are and what is the most valuable. Advertisers want this information and Facebook is using every inch of it for the purpose of selling and making a profit. Just keep that in mind next time you like that puppy dog or LOVE that piece of cake.

If you have the first generation Apple watch, do not be alarmed if your battery is expanding. Apple is confirming they are not exploding however, you can return it to the Apple Store and have it replaced. Apparently, a few first generation Apple watches are expanding and we all know how lithium ion battery expansion can put us on notice.

Speaking of Apple watch, Smart Gear is getting a little less popular. As Google Maps, Amazon and eBay quietly stopped supporting the Apple watch with their apps. Obviously, this hasn’t caused much challenge as the outcry is very minimal.

New Malware can completely take over your Apple computer. This malicious software is appearing for all major operating systems and is extremely dangerous. There was once a time when Mac had very little fear of viruses. That has all changed. Now that it is quite popular, these viruses are prone to attack not only windows but Apple systems as well. Remember do not open zip files that come from emails. Unless you know clearly who is sending it to you. This malware is called Dok and you shouldn’t open it otherwise, you will have to format your computer.