Tech Talk - June 30, 2017 - Patch the Measures UV index, Deodorizing Hangers, Eye Tracking, Pizzas made by Robots, Token One Ring, Salesforce AI

by: Adam
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L’oreal just launched a patch that goes on any part of your body and measures the UV index. Just scan the patch and it will tell you what the UV level is. It even will send a notice to your phone when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen.
Panasonic just launched a deodorizing hanger that you can officially skip laundry day. It doesn’t officially clean your clothes but it does give you the ability to zap some freshness into it. For $180 it might be cheaper to just get your clothes dry-cleaned.
Apple just purchased a company that can track your eyes. Senso motoric was purchased by Apple and one of the best features of this company is a patent that can see your eye movement on a screen. If you think about it, you can now track if an ad is actually working by knowing if the person saw it or not.
If you love pizza. You’re going to eventually have the opportunity of a robot made pizza. 100% completely automated. The company in Silicon Valley Zume Pizza we’ll take your order and its Artificial Intelligence will create your pizza even faster. It will press a  mound of dough to make a perfect Pizza 5 times faster than a human. Total staff required is one.
If you love Steve Jobs iconic black turtleneck. You can feel confident this Christmas you’ll be able to buy it again. For only $275 US you could also have that Steve Jobs black turtleneck look.
Token the One Ring. Smart wearables are still growing and becoming popular. This product goes on your finger and truly is a smart wear. The product works with MasterCard, Visa PayPass and in addition, is a two-tier authentication to sign into your computer which it has Partnerships with Google and Apple. The ring uses your fingerprint for authentication number one and then confirms it with the system you’re trying to login with. Take the ring off and it is completely useless.
Uber just launched a feature that allows you to order a vehicle for your grandmother or grandfather. It even comes in handy when you want to schedule a car for one of your drunk friends.
We’ve seen Google Maps and Google cars driving streets and taking photos. Get ready to see the Apple map vehicle driving down the streets in the world. This new vehicle also comes with 3D radar that will give us a sense of exactly a VR environment with Apple computer.
Your iPhone is tracking a lot of your movements and one of them is also your sleeping patterns. Apple has a patent that actually will work with its phone and a watch that tracks when you go to sleep. This patent will also allow you to shut all connection when you’re ready to go to bed so you don’t get accidentally disturbed.
SalesForce just launched a new Artificial Intelligence tool that actually will help with irate text messages and email messages. I don’t think it’s going to make the person on the other end feel better knowing a computer is helping to calm their concerns. But Salesforce new system will be implemented immediately for any upset customers and will be also used in other online cloud-based platforms.