Tech Talk : Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - Flying drones will be fined, Gmail issue, Tesla good and bad news, Samsung S8 6.3 inch screen

by: Adam

We will be moving Tech talk to Wednesday,  due to the inauguration of Trump becoming President on Friday. I thought it would be only fitting to announce that anyone flying a drone over top of National Hill will get a $1,400 fine and if your company a $32,000 fine for flying a drone in filming.

Gmail has a unique malware phishing issue. It actually will keep your email and reply 2 past emails with an attached PDF. Be wary of an email you got long ago with an attachment that seems a little awkward.

Facebook is combining fake news corrective, a not-for-profit group that will flag and identify untrustworthy shame labels for those that are posting fake news.

Issues with this are:

  • Anyone could fake out news that could be legitimate
  • This gives Facebook the power to determine which isn’t acceptable news
  • When you bag a news article it could become popular as some people enjoy this fake news. Giving it more exposure than it’s needed.

There is good news and bad news for Tesla. Good news…Tesla just broke the speed record 0 – 2.1 seconds/  Bad news  is that a Tesla driver was stranded in the desert after the car app failed. Unfortunately, there was no cellular service, therefore, the car was not able to operate.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will have one option of a 6.3-inch screen.

The battery that won’t catch on fire.  A new battery has been developed that actually has a fire retardant that will go around it. In the case, the battery starts to overheat it will extinguish the battery before it explodes.

A new plush toy available that come with an app that allows you to send hugs to someone. If someone has one plush toy and the other one signed into their app they can send a hug by it vibrating.

Toronto company has created an Artificial Intelligence proofreader that will make you a better copywriter. Currently, when we look at copywriting the word “cool”  can apply to something meaning oven temperature or for how awesome something can be. This Toronto company startup, called Atomic Reach has the ability to come up with 3 million articles identifying how not to confuse some wordings. As an example, using the word can apply to someone that is ill or it can be describing something that is amazing and impressive.

London restaurant will now lock up your mobile phone to stop you from texting while you eat.

Here is an update on passwords again. Over the last 3 months, the results are in and these are the top 5 passwords everyone’s using and it’s time to start changing. Remember all the passwords HACKED from adult finder and from Ashley Madison…along with Yahoo and LinkedIn. The reports are in and here are some interesting facts.

17% of people used the basic, insecure password 123456

In second place was the barely better 123456789, followed by the predictable qwerty. Then came 12345678, and in fifth place was the insecure 111111.