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Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield – March 11, 2016

This week on Tech Talk on 900 CHML, the following topics will be discussed with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield:

Skype is going to kill the smart TV app. They will no longer be going to work on development so any of the smart TVs will no longer allow for you to have the video conferencing feature.


I’d like to go over a few things you may not know about what big brother is tracking about you through Google and through other social media sources:

  • As an example, Google knows your age and gender – even if you never told them. They have comprehensive profiles of you including what interests you and can even edit what they know about you.
  • Facebook knows when your relationship isn’t going well. Based on your activities and status updates the company can actually predict with almost perfect accuracy whether or not your relationship is going to last or not.
  • Google knows when you have traveled. This is especially true when you have an Android phone.
  • The police know where you are driving now. At least only in the United Kingdom. Closed-circuit televisions are ambiguous,  police have access to data from thousands of network cameras across the country which can scan license plates, take a photo and the driver. In the United States, many cities now have traffic cameras that can be similarly used.
  • Your phone knows exactly how fast you’re traveling. Yes, this information is currently private however, one day, eventually the police will be able to use this in court.
  • The internet knows where your cat lives. The hidden metadata inside the photograph, geographically located where that photo was taken.
  • YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon knows what you’re watching and recommends what you might be interested in based on what you have watched and read.
  • HR knows when you’re going to quit your job. Software is now available that can predict how you perform in the company. It can also search what your computer is doing or what your phone is doing. If you so much as even go on LinkedIn and see go job opportunities or search in Google this information is now available to your employer.
  • Facebook knows how emotional and intelligent you are. It even knows if your stable emotionally or not. Simply based on what you like.
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy J1 – MINI – 768 megabytes of RAM and a 4-inch display. It looks like small is coming back. We have gotten so big with Galaxy NOTE5, iPhone 6s that this is a revolutionary reverse of let’s go smaller. This little phone is apparently capable of providing internet usage up to 7 hours.


  • You can now make your travel search less annoying with Google destination. Google has compiled and rolled out a new tool that makes planning a trip extremely easy. As an example you can use Google destinations to find flight cost, hotel rates, places to see and do. Instead of jumping around trying to find different options. It will now sort it for you and makes the heavy lifting easy according to Google.


  • The battle of the App Store is going to be something we will hear more about in the future. With apple now having over 1.5 million apps and the same with Android. The problem is now getting a cool program scene and used online. With 30% of the income going to both Apple and Android the chances of getting rich on an app are much more difficult. Which include comma a lot of hard costs which could be up to a year and development. With an app having a team of up to 20 people working on it in a year it’s hard to even break even.


  • The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is pretty close to being perfect. With a lot of the features that the S6 had it’s been upgraded to include an additional memory slot but more importantly a battery life that can last on full use watching videos, using the internet almost 48 hours. This could be a game-changer when it comes to smartphones as many in the past have struggled to keep the battery life alive.


  • Facebook patents a new term. It is called quote “Is that what the kids call it.” This patent would be a program essentially for Facebook to search for slang terms and then store them in a glossary for reference. For example, when the latest term used on Facebook is “Humble Bragging”, which describes an attempt to appear modest but is actually boasting War or “Rage Quitting”, which means to end in activity because of great frustration. These are just examples of how Facebook is trying to become the resource of slang in the future.
  • I’d like to debunk a myth that’s going on social media right now. With the FBI trying to get apple to decrypt the iPhone, there’s been a video going through a series of how to unlock an iPhone. For clarity this is nothing but a hoax. Please don’t always believe everything you see on line.

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