Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield - March 4, 2016

by: Adam

Tech Talk - Adam Oldfield

On Tech talk this week on CHML 900 will bring you the following topics discussed with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield:

Samsung is set to launch auto connect device, which will allow your Samsung to instantly connect with your car using the standard electronic parts that are located usually beside the steering wheel. This is the same port that most mechanics will plug into to get a diagnostic on your vehicle. You cannot get a port that literally will track your vehicles information.

Samsung to launch Connect Auto device and service in North America


maps for google

Android users have been spoiled with Google Maps having the pit stop feature. As you’re driving to your destination you can easily just ask Google where the nearest restaurant or gas station is. It will then locate several options and give you the fastest route in the middle of your current destination of choice. 


Fingerprint sensors came out about 2 years ago. However they are not the most secure. In recent test with plasticine it was capable of putting the fingerprint over the phone and unlocking both Samsung and Apple phones. It may not be the most secure.

Gmail is no slouch when it comes to security. They just provided and improve security feature for business users. It appears next to blackberry, Google intends to be a competitive option for holding and securing emails in the encrypted safe environment. Of course, this could all change pending what happens in the federal government and the courts


With several testing of self driving cars by Google it is official, Google had its first accident as it was unable to anticipate what the bus driver was going to do. The result was Google hitting the side of the bus. Google is currently going back and trying to identify how to build a code to account for these situations.

Google’s Self-Driving Car Gets Into A Minor Accident While The AI Was Driving

A new beta program called ‘On Camera”, could be the new replacement to 911. This app will instantly connect to a server that feeds to a recording from the camera. At the same time a police officer that is pre-recorded will advise whoever is approaching you, or makes you feel uncomfortable to have the opportunity to turn around.  As all this information is being tracked and recorded at this time. Their information and their photo is now being shared with the authorities. This could be the revolutionary 911 in the case of trying to connect with assistance in any degree weather it be fire, ambulance or police services

Blackberries. It’s an upgrade to its keyboard and camera. The keyboard now has an update that allows to anticipate what you will be typing next. The timer on the camera now has a slow motion feature and a few new upgrades for when you want to do video.


If you got a new Kindle, you might need to get in touch with them as there is now an electric shock that is capable of hurting children. Amazon recalled the Kindle Fire and replaces this faulty feature. CLICK HERE to find out more

 We heard of a lot of sports events and you’re going to hear a lot more of E-sports.   These are professional video gamers that compete with each other and Yahoo is getting in the game. So much so they want to be a leader in regards to commentating and providing a resource for anyone that wishes to follow and watch the games. They will be focusing to start on League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Street Fighter V.

Yahoo Launches eSports News and Video Site

It’s official, Apple will be launching their new phone that will be smaller with a lot more power and punch in it. The same specs of an iPhone 6 in a smaller screen. It’s codenamed iPhone SE and will be announced officially in the coming month CLICK HERE to find out more

Samsung offers 16t of space on a flash drive no bigger than your thumb.

Google pay rolling out as pilot project that will allow payment only by giving your initials to the teller.

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