Technology Update - The Poopy Diaper

by: Adam

I’m the first to tell you that I love technology, and I was joking around with a friend that there is coming a new technology The new SMART DIAPER.

What’s not smart about poopy diapers?   I changed enough over the years with my daughters.  This new smart diaper once a day will measure your baby’s…we’ll say information, working as a tracking system to test kidney function and hydration levels. They’ll also alert parents to dangerous details and information.

The creators of the product say on their website that they aren’t looking to join the wearable trend, only unobtrusively measure and track the health of those who can’t yet speak.

Hmmmm…what an amazing crappy cool idea

Smart Diapers are currently in development. You can track updates on the company’s Indiegogo page.

More in Tech to come…I just wish it was here about 8 years earlier; you have no idea how much easier it would of made my life…now only if they changed them as well for me.  I’d have 8 more kids.