La Peau D'or Beauty Wellness Spa


I would like to express my level of satisfaction with the service provided by FPM3. I was in a situation where my in-house web maintenance person quit suddenly, and left without sharing any information on how to access the site to make changes, not even the passwords were left. It was approaching my company’s month end, a very critical time because this is when our website is updated. I was in a panic, and called FPM3 for assistance. They immediately tried to provide help over the phone, but I was too distraught by the situation and was not able to retain what was being shared over the phone. FPM3 offered to send a representative to my place of business to provide assistance and training. Account Manager Joaquin Molina was prompt, professional and very knowledgeable, and took the time to walk me step by step through the training, and even conducted a number of troubleshooting scenarios. I was very pleased with the level of service provided, and felt that the training was delivered with genuine care and concern. I look forward to fostering the relationship with FPM3, and will definitely recommend their services.