by: FPM3

FPM3 is stunning in terms of what they have done for my 3 divisions of VeriForm Inc. Looking after our websites and all our advertising, they have revolutionized our sales. How? Well, over 50% of our sales now come through our website whereas 2 years ago before we met FPM3 our website unfortunately got us zero sales. Plus now we receive calls DAILY from businesses outside our region and even from provinces and states that NEVER gave us business before. It is not an exaggeration to make the claim that FPM3 is the number 1 reason we are profitable and are actually able to pick and choose whom we quote for.

And I have to add that really, so many companies claim to do great SEO work but in my 20 years in business, there is no one as dynamic, “out of the box” creative, and results-oriented as the FPM3 team. Take my word, FPM3 is the real deal and is the best investment we have made EVER at my firm. I cannot thank FPM3 enough for making running my business fun again!