City of Hamilton: Public Works

“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for work performed by FPM3. I have worked with FPM3 in the past 5 years. FPM3 has always impressed me with their passionate and focused drive to create and expand the visibility of our product line in its targeted market segment. FPM3 consistently taps into their previous experience in sales, business, and web development, beyond their traditional marketing tasks, which enables them to have a direct impact on increasing the reach potential of our services. FPM3 was instrumental in ensuring the success of our Hamilton in Bloom strategy. Their previous sales and sponsorship stewardship experience, strong understanding of the targeted culture and fluency made it easy for us to grow our market share while delivering important messages to our clients. FPM3 was very diligent about ensuring we had quality and correct information on our website, and in print collateral that they designed and produce from strategy to concept to delivery. FPM3 continued to offer professional advise, resolve problems and provided a completed project beyond our expectations. FPM3 takes their role in creating business seriously, works well with others in planning a detailed approach, and consistently shows the drive to execute it in the most efficient way. I consider them a great asset to any organization.”

Alex Moroz
Community Liaison Coordinator
Public Works Department

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