The Email Evolution

by: Adam

Email Evolution


I have finally discovered how email is a complete and utter waste of time. It is completely inefficient and furthermore extremely hard to communicate a message effectively to anyone. I wondered if this was the fact that email is not capable of delivering the communication expectation as it once had or is it the people using it have lost touch in how to communicate with this tool. Email has become almost an excuse and how we try to get our projects off of our plate. How easy is it to send an email quickly and fire it off. Delegation has been done and the expectation is that the person receiving it will fully understand what’s being asked of them. However, this is why I believe we’ve lost the ability to use email effectively.

It starts with a simple direction and request of the person the email is going to. It wasn’t proofread, so details were missed and further the person who received it was insulted or angered as it sounded like the person was mad when they wrote it. I always laugh when I hear, are you angry with me? I’m not sure how they can sense anger in my email but even more so the direction wasn’t followed through correctly as the person didn’t read it right. Or I didn’t communicate what my expectations were. In this day and age when we need to talk to more people in a faster pace I find email almost falling into the category of the fax machine. It takes so long to write one and then include everyone necessary. I need to write who it goes to, create a subject and then the body message. I will include an link to my Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. There is my signature with all my information at the bottom. Yet, I still get people responding to the same email with the information in it asking “what is your phone number?” Or where is your office located? All this information is directly in front of them.

And what about the nonstop information I get bombarded with in my inbox. Everything from meeting Christian singles all the way to buying a database from China of potential clients I could do business with. I set up a spam filter for my emails so I no longer have to get every email possible that people want to send me. In the past week I had the unfortunate situation where my spam filter, which is to be helping me be efficient and productive, went on the frets and I was not able to get any email. Not only was I not able to get email my entire office was off-line. Not having email was like having my hands tied and being blindfolded coming to work. We all started working with personal emails to communicate, and I found over the 2 days it was an active how much we depend on email in business and personally.

So what is the solution? I can see quickly how twitter is an easier way to communicate. Get your message across quickly and fire it to those specific people that you want to talk to. You don’t have to enter a subject, or a body message. Just keep your message short and sweet. Facebook is now allowing you to send emails by only entering the person’s name and then typing your message. If the person is online they can see you typing and it’s almost like a little chat session in real time.

A new email program is about to come out and they claim it will be the evolution of how we communicate. I personally feel in the next 5 to 10 years typing an email in any capacity will not even be what we do. I believe we will send to the person’s name and attach a video message. That person can respond in the same video format. It will automatically transcribe what the persons are saying and included in the email. If you so choose to send this video email to another country it will translate for you. Now how efficient would that be? I can’t wait for the day I’m sending my video email and I’m not worried about people feeling the emotion of what I am typing they will be able to see it in my face and hear it in my voice. Until then, I guess we will continue to be an efficient in how we use our email today.