The end of Civilization?

by: Marc

The end is coming!
According to a study by NASA, our civilization will collapse in the coming decades, due to mismanagement of the resources and distribution of wealth. The study is based on a new analytical object called HANDY (Human And Nature DYnamical) developed by the mathematician Safa Motesharri.
Usually, I don’t believe these kind of theories about the end of the world, but when it’s NASA who conducted the study, it’s hard to not believe it.
By studying the civilizations, the researchers determined why civilizations like the Roman Empire or the Mayans ended in the past, including factors such as: climate, population, water, agriculture, and energy. The researchers have also identified another reason why these civilizations have ceased to exist, one being the blindness of elite people who thought they were protected and refused to reform their way of life.
According to Safa Motesharri and his collaborators, two scenarios are possible of the end of our civilization:
– The first one could be caused by the reduction of poor people due to famine. Thereby, the cause of the end could show a decline of workers and not necessarily by climatic problems.
– The second one could be caused by lack of resources, causing suffering to the poor before affecting the rich population.

Despite this scenario which is hard to avoid, there are solutions:
We need to quickly reduce the economic inequalities to ensure a fairer distribution of resources as well as significantly reduce the energy consumption by using alternatives energies and reduce growth population.


End of The world