The Great 'Godgle'

by: Adrian

So here’s an idea…

I am not a religious man – but this did get me thinking.

Let’s take a look at your perception of God and what that idea means to you. The definitions of what God is and how he/ she/ it/ they interact with us is about as unique and diverse as every individual person.

For some God is found in a church a synagogue or a mosque, others might find God in the face of their children, or in the strings of an old guitar, others might find God on the sports field or in the classroom or on the operating table. God’s relationship with us is  as unique as we are.

One thing I believe is that God is the strand that unites us with all other things – whether there is a consciousness above and beyond that is a debate for another time, but we are connected whether it’s through some cosmic force or simply that we are all on this rock together, the undeniable truth is that we are all together.

On to Google…

And now I shudder to say this, but the best reflection of our collective human consciousness IS Google. From fact to fiction and everything in between the internet and by proxy (its great controller) Google is the clearest mirror we have to show us who we are and what we are thinking. Google is the human collective consciousness!

Oh crap – does that sound familiar? Does that ring any bells?

Hell yeah it does…

Google is humanity blanketed under a single banner.

Some might think that the parallels between that and God are as close to any definition we have ever been able to fathom up to now. Is Google our own inadvertent reconstruction of the tower of Babylon!? Holy horse radish! Is a glimmer of logic sneaking through? The reuniting of all languages – all people united under a single flag craning hands outstretched towards the sky searching for meaning through screens and keyboards hoping and praying that one day when they type in the question:

“How should I live my life?’ The answer will appear…

and it does.

Welcome to Godgle!

Something to consider anyway… or not.

*please note the views held by this person are his alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the company – this is just food for thought, nothing to get upset about*