The Heartbleed Bug is not done yet!

by: Marc

Just when we thought the Heartbleed Bug was over and done with, a new vulnerability has been found this past Thursday, nearly two months after the first vulnerability was discovered. If you weren’t aware of the Hearthbleed Bug, click on this link to read our previous blog talking about it.

This new bug allows that hackers to spy on your communications, however it doesn’t appear to be as serious a threat as the original Heartbleed Bug. According to the experts, the websites and technologies firms, which use OpenSSL technology, should update the software as soon as possible. Security experts said on Thursday that the newly discovered bugs are more difficult to exploit than the first vulnerability.

Tal Klein, vice president of strategy with cloud security firm Adallom, said that “there is a window of opportunity” for sophisticated hackers to make attacks and then exploit the newly uncovered vulnerabilities, until the software will be updated.

However, this is not information to be taken lightly because the Heartbleed Bug is still the biggest vulnerability in the Internet era. So be careful and try to stay informed on any updates about this topic, as there is a good chance that other vulnerabilities could also be found in the near future.

HeartBleed Bug 2