The Internet: a World Wild Jungle!

by: Marc

Hi there!

Today, let me share with you a little bit of the dangers of the Internet.

A couple months ago, a friend of mine told me he was not really concerned about her 16 year old daughter surfing on the internet and being connected on several social media accounts. According to him, it is just a new teenager thing and I totally agree with that, however I do believe that we have to monitor the ‘young’ when they are on the internet. I am sure that many parents out there are already aware of that, but is it enough just to be aware?

Having hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook when you are still a young teenager can become a serious issue. My friend’s daughter is constantly on the internet talking to people she barely knows, and letting the world know all about her life. Does she really know all those ‘friends’? I do not think so. Again who can tell that some of them are not sexual predators? It may not be but we can never be sure. Everyone can be whoever they want when they are on the internet. Besides, we are now living in a globalized world where technology has taken over face to face communication,  so we should be able to get control of our life on the web, and especially, to teach our kids how to behave when they are on the internet.

What I keep asking people who think it is not a big deal is ‘Would you tell anyone you meet in the street where you live, your age, give him/her pictures of your latest vacations?’. Obviously they would say no so why would they do it on the internet? Again to get back to my story, this is exactly what my friend’s daughter is doing right now except that the street is actually the internet! We have all heard about those kids who have been humiliated and who committed horrible things through social media. I am not trying to scare everyone but just to remind you, the internet can be harmful especially for children and teenagers. I would suggest that everyone should think twice before letting their kids surf on the internet and maybe we should think about teaching those principles at school.

Those same principles can also be applied to your business since nowadays, most companies can be found on social media and on the Internet. Being able to control your brand image and your reputation is key to success!

Think about the internet as if it were an open book of your life that everyone could read…if you allow it.