The internet in the last 20 years

by: Adam

Wow, oh wow.

If you ever wondered how the internet has grown over the past 2 decades and realized you can’t visualize it, or ever wondered just about how much data is being transferred  around the world during the years – look no further as Google has done all the thinking and hard work for you with this –

At a quick glance, it shows all the relative technologies that have greatly affected the web, with the introduction of plain old HTML website to nowadays interactive rich multi-media drive websites.

Secondly, if you click at the top and select “The Growth of the Internet” you’ll be shown a line-graph (Fun – I love graphs!) that shows a steady increase in the number of users and also the usage of data being transferred across the world. From a measily 1 Petabyte/month (If you forget what that is and exactly how large that is check out this handy dandy info-graph) (click on the image to see the full size) a month back in 1994, to a nearly whopping  28,000 Petabyte/month in 2012!

The amount of information that is traveling around the world is absolutely mind-boggling and it doesn’t look like we’re slowing down even a bit.

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