The Marketing Snowball Effect

by: FPM3

Today’s discussion topic is: The Marketing Snowball Effect!

As the owner of a business, frugality and expense tracking is apart of everyday life. It’s important to be conservative with your money while investing in the right places. Here at FPM3, we believe that making the conscious decision to invest in marketing will not only generate an immediate return but will also protect the longevity of your company.

At first, your marketing impact will be tiny and insubstantial, but it will slowly pick up mass through an all-encompassing marketing campaign that is unique to your business. We refer to this as, “The Marketing Snowball Effect.”

Similar to rolling a snowball down a hill, when starting a marketing campaign, you must create a tight, compact foundation known as your brand. You can then roll it through a well thought out plan that is in alignment with your company’s mission, vision and values. As you continue to engage with your existing audience and expose your brand to an increasing amount of people, your tiny compact foundation will grow. With each impact, it will gain speed and power. Eventually, your intrigued followers will share your branding, increasing the surface area of your message. Your campaign will roll faster, taking on a life of its own and demonstrating the power of marketing with its ever-growing momentum.

In order to build your brand identity, you must put your brand in front of as many ideal clients as possible. Not every person who encounters your brand will be an ideal client, but your ideal clients may be included in their contact lists.

For example, if you have 1,000 followers LinkedIn and ten of those people share your latest post, and if each of those ten people also have 1,000 followers, your brand will have the potential to be seen by 100,000 people.

It’s important to be patient be consistent. A successful marketing campaign takes time to build, but like a snowball, once it is in motion it will accelerate at an exponential pace ensuring your company’s sustainable growth.