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Benefits of The Mingle®

The actual Mingle player itself is one of our main benefits compared to our competitors’ and is what other agencies cannot offer. The Mingle has a special code that bypasses adblockers to ensure the video appears on the page. What you see is a single, high quality video.

The Mingle is a transparent HTML5 player that is easily installable and removable. You do not have to embed the file. The Mingle is compatible with any modern browser and will work with any existing or newly designed website.

The Mingle is also mobile responsive. It can be seen on your iPhone, Android, and tablets as well. With its seamless integration on your website, it couples well with mobile responsive designs to give your users a great mobile experience.

The turnaround time on a Mingle is 24 to 48 hours. We can, in special circumstances, have your Mingle on your website the same day if needed.

The Mingle offers:

  • Deliver a clear message to visitors
  • Click features to URLs and download files
  • Installs with just one short snippet of code onto the page you want to walk on
  • Doesn’t take up any real estate
  • Will not hurt your SEO ratings

Other unique features:

  • The ability to link to social media (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Works in all modern browsers
  • Mobile Responsive

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