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How Do I Get One?

One of our professional friendly staff will contact you; setup an overview of what you want done and where on your website you would like The Mingle® to be placed. We will then prepare a quote for you to approve. Once you’ve approved the quote, we will prepare the script, or you can provide a script for us to review. You decide if you will be the one “starring” in your Mingle, or if you want us to provide the talent for you. We then schedule a time for The Mingle to be recorded.

With years of knowledge and understanding, we can effectively build your Mingle so it is consistent with your brand and image. We will prepare the look and feel of your company’s image with a single line of code that is inserted directly into your website by your IT person or we can help you do it. It’s that simple.

It takes approximately half a day to record a Mingle depending on how many Mingles you would like, and how comfortable you are in front of the camera. We have professional staff that will assist you with training, to present your product or service in the best manner. This might take a little longer. In most cases, one 30-sec Mingle shouldn’t take more than 1 hour.

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