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The Mingle® FAQs

What is a Mingle®?
The Mingle is a marketing Jingle. It is a transparent player that uses HTML5 to deliver a message that you create or have our staff of professionals do it for you. The Mingle walks over top of your existing website to deliver the message.
How exactly does the technology work?

We record video of you, or one of our talent, filmed in front of a green screen. We then remove the green, and we email you a line of code to go on the page you want to walk on.

How much does a Mingle cost?

Depending on how many Mingles you need and how long you’d like them to be, we can work with your budget.

Why aren't more people doing this?

A lot of companies either handle video production or they only specialize in making websites. Individually they might be able to prepare something for you, but the cost would be much higher than doing a Mingle® with us as we have worked directly to build the Mingle to work through proper filming and coding.

What other clients have you worked with?

Molsons, Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLG), Home Depot, Stone Mill Realty, Crowne Plaza, and many more.

What if I get everything recorded then change my mind, do I still need to pay full price even though I don’t have a Mingle up on my website?

No. We will discount you the cost, based on what has been completed up to the time you decided not to upload the Mingle. If you do decide to go ahead with your Mingle, then we’ll invoice the balance owing.

Once I’ve decided to go ahead with the Mingle® what do I do next?

One of our professional friendly staff will contact you; setup an overview of what you want done and where on your website you would like the Mingle to be. Then we will prepare a quote for you to approve. Once you’ve approved the quote, we then prepare the script, or you can provide a script for us to review. We decide if you will be the one “starring” in your Mingle, or if you want us to provide the talent for you. We then schedule a time for the Mingle to be recorded whether you come to us or we come to you. We film the Mingle and in less than 48 hours, it will be live on your website! It’s that simple.

Will this Mingle disrupt my website or change it in any way?

No. The Mingle is layered overtop of your existing web page, therefore it will not interrupt your current website. This is done with 1 line of code on the page you wish to walk on.

Will my website experience any difficulties because of the Mingle?

No. It is a completely different code from what your current website is.

I’m testing the Mingle, but it seems to pause or stop a few times, how come?

Simply put, this is usually based on the speed of your internet, or the further how much you have going on at any time.

Do you require full payment upfront?

We do require a 50% deposit upon approval of the quote we provide, and the balance is due upon uploading the Mingle to your website.

What if I don’t like how the Mingle looks on my website, can I change it?

Of course, but there will be an additional charge to re-record the Mingle. We will show you a proof of the recording, for you to approve before we actually upload the Mingle online.

How many Mingles can I record in one session?

Depending on your comfort level, we can normally record 4 to 6 Mingles in one session.

What will I need to wear to record the Mingle?

Nothing Green! Also nothing bright white on it’s own. You can wear a sports jacket over a white collared shirt, but the white shirt alone isn’t a good idea. Other than that, you are welcome to wear all sorts of colours.

The footage of what’s been recorded, do I own that or do you?

It’s yours to have, but it does need to be hosted on our server.

How will I know if people are actually going on to my website to look at the Mingle do you have some kind of tracking system?

Yes. We track how many streams are taking place.

Can you record the Mingle and I use my own server to play it on my website?

Unfortunately no. The coding in our player needs to run from our custom made program.

How does the streaming work?

Should you choose the Streaming option then you will be given 500,000 streams per month based on a 6 month agreement of $59.99. If you exceed these streams then the price will be quoted accordingly, for most small to medium size businesses 500,000 unique streams is more than enough.

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