The Mingle’s New Reseller Program


Thought about looking for ways to offer more options in video advertising to clients? FPM3/The Mingle® is now looking for resellers interested in using The Mingle® software to provide more opportunities in advertising to clientele.

The Mingle® is a marketing jingle that can quickly and easily be placed on your website to give it more personality. A Mingle is a video file featuring a representative of your company that appears on your webpage in a non-intrusive manner. This allows visitors to get a quick introduction to you, your company and products/services without even clicking a button. Mingles can generally be edited within 24 hours, and online within 48 hours depending on your deadline. Mingles can include graphics, typography, links to websites, emails or file downloads and can even feature some music or sound effects.

The Mingle® is a useful tool in breaking the ice of introducing new visitors to your company – it’s the perfect 30-60 second elevator pitch! To learn more, visit The Mingle Website and watch our introductory Mingle of Adrian Konstant – Videographer and Producer, or you can go directly to The Mingle Reseller Program page and read about what’s included in the Reseller Package.

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