The next step in Touch screens

by: Adam

Hey Tech-Heads!,

If you’re anything like me, you aren’t the biggest fan of touch screen devices. When it comes to cellphones and or tablet devices and that flat surface just isn’t going to do it for you (I’m still talking about mobile devices here), and you just have a hard time accepting that this is the way the industry is headed, well here is a step in the right direction!

The flat screen is no more and is brought to you by Tactus Technology, which may actually be able to convert the physical keyboard lovers (I am one of them!). For years I have played around with touch devices and have never felt I’ve been connected to my device and that I’m just touching a wall and hoping something happens when I push it. I want to know that my phone got the message, and I got that sub conscience connection that “Yes! I hit a button and it did something and my phone exists that I am pressing it!” (Hmm, maybe I’m too connected…that’s a whole other topic).

Touch Screen Tactus Technology

Video – Touch screens of today are obsolete!

The fine people at Tactus Technology have come up with an ingenious approach in making the flat screen, not so flat anymore. Based on the screen’s display the screen itself will literally bulge out and form a “physical” keyboard that you have to suppress to make it click. As this is new technology and they are still ironing out the kinks, there are some drawbacks as the liquid only forms over predefined areas as of now but as the tech grows in the future I’m sure it will only get better. Don’t get too excited though, this technology isn’t going to be hitting your mobile devices until late 2013.

I, for one, am looking forward to this new tech, where it is headed, and didn’t people believe back in the day (even some today) that the world was flat?! Why should your mobile device keyboard be?


Deep Chaggar – Account Coordinator at FPM3