The Rise of Media on the Internet

by: Adam

The Internet has come a long way since it’s early beginnings. No longer exclusive to home computers or laptops, many of us carry the Internet along with us wherever we go through the use of our smartphones.

Growth has felt quite rapid with changes to the flow of information being quite significant in the last decade. In the late 1990’s and heading into the new millennium, media was much more limited in scope online. Dial-up internet was the prominent source of Internet connection while faster alternatives where still in development and not freely available. To maximize accessibility, websites had to keep bandwidth requirements low; largely depending on text to get their message across. Visual media was used sparingly as photos increased load times and bandwidth usage. Due to the high bandwidth costs of streaming, videos where even less common. When used, videos where usually kept to only a few minutes and fairly low in quality. In the earlier days of the Internet, videos where most often used by larger websites more aggressive to adapting to the developing digital age as it began it’s growth and rise in popularity or media outlets trying to provide a more coverage on their medium.

Things have changed since then. Today the Internet has grown due to faster and more widely available methods of access allowing for greater spread of information online. Hundreds of thousands of photos are posted every day thanks to the rise of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even videos have become common with video hosting websites such as Youtube. It has become so widespread billions of hours are spent watching online videos every month! With modern smartphones coming equipped with cameras capable of taking photos or video (some with apps that allow video editing right on the phone!) it has become easier than ever to get content online. It doesn’t stop there either. The last few years have also seen live streaming on the internet become very popular. It’s fairly common for people and businesses to do live broadcasts over the Internet, putting on their own live shows, broadcast events as they happen or to highlight the goings-on in a popular area throughout the day.

Methods of putting yourself online are always growing and are more accessible than ever. As they become more and more relevant, it is important to look at how you can use them to promote yourself or your company on the Internet and find what works best for you.