The Ukrainian Crisis

by: Marc

Have you watched the news recently regarding what’s happening in Ukraine?
If not, here’s a brief overview about the recent events surrounding that nation.
A few weeks ago, there was a revolution in Ukraine confronting the Pro European and the Pro Russian. After violent confrontations and many dead people opposing police militiamen against the population, the revolution ended after the parliament voted for the exclusion of the president, this later has leaked into Russia.
Very quickly, a transitional government was elected in by a vote of hands at Maidan, the public square in Kiev (capital of Ukraine). However, a large part of Ukraine, called Crimea, is mainly composed of pro Russian (60% are Russian and only 25% Ukrainian). They began to manifest themselves through demonstrations and they blocked the airport and certain roads of the main city of Crimea. Vladimir Poutine , president of Russia, voted in the Russian parliament on behalf of the “protection of Russian people) to send military troops into Crimea. After being threatened to be condemned by the USA and the European Union, Vladimir Poutine sent the army anyway.
The Ukrainian government asked for help from the international community but aside  from warnings or convictions, nothing is possible.
They could send the army, but that sort of commitment could lead us to a new Cold War.
Over the last few days, things have escalated very quickly; On March 11th, the Crimea parliament voted the independence of the region (78 of the 81 deputies present agreed). A few days later, (March 16th) the Parliament voted through a referendum (96.6% agreed) and according to Russia the vote is valid, unlike the government of Kiev, the USA, and The European Union.
Lastly, on March 17th the Russian President signed the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Ukraine flag