Thursday April 13, 2017 - Tech Talk

by: Adam

Listen to Adam Oldfield on Tech Talk AM900 CHML Radio this Thursday on the Bill Kelly Show or LIVE on Adam Oldfield’s Facebook page. Here are this week’s exciting topics of discussion:

There are now earbuds that can change the music based on your facial reaction. It measures your smile or frown to determine if this song will continue to play.

So you think your pet is lonely? You can now play fetch with your pet easily with a little ball remotely from anywhere with an app called Pebby. Yes, this new product allows you to connect to a ball in the house and play with your pet without needing to be there.

What would you do with 850 million dollars US? How about investing it in creating a curved display? Google is going to be investing heavy into a curved display produced by LG.

Tesla is the leader when it comes to hands-free driving technology. However, GM has just announced that in the next year Cadillac will have all these features and more. As a Cadillac lover and once a previous owner of a CTS for many years this is quite exciting.

It looks like Virtual Reality is going to be coming to Expedia. There is a lot of investment for hotel rooms that will provide Virtual Reality experiences giving customers the chance to step inside the room. So when you get your new Samsung S8 you’ll want to do it early so you can get your Samsung Gear.

A survey that was recently done to over 6,000 students down in the states has proven the iPhone is the leader with over 86% claiming their next smartphone in the future will be an iPhone. Contrary to the popularity of mobile phones this is good news for Apple.

Technology has come a long way. Back when I was a kid my mother used to drive me around to give me a nap if I didn’t stop crying. Now Ford has created a crib that gives the feeling of a vehicle driving. That nap no longer requires traveling any distances.

Ford continues to innovate and now is providing New York police and L.A. Police a hybrid supercharged Ford Police car. This vehicle will be capable of easily pursuing any of the fastest vehicles on the street. Not only that, when it’s parked for coffee and donuts, it isn’t using fuel and is better for the environment.

The Smart Bra can tell when you’re getting stressed. It actually has a heart monitor that will advise you when your stress levels are reaching new highs.

For those guys that are deeply concerned about smartphones in their pocket that could be providing radiation for their packages. There is a new underwear available that will provide radiation blocking technology. So you can feel comfortable protecting your future children.

There’s been a lot of rumors and speculation of prototype flying cars. However, it is official a mass-produced flying four wheeled vehicle will be available in Europe. The vehicle can actually land on a strip of 164 feet and is capable of traveling a hundred and twenty miles per hour. It only need 650 feet strip of land for take off.

So do you protect your phone with a pin? There is now Malware that uses your internal systems (GPS, Sensors) simply through the browser on your phone that can hack your codes.

Windows Vista is officially done. If you’re running that software, it is no longer supported by Microsoft. As of April 11th, there will not be any more updates. This might be a good thing. Windows Vista was not exactly the most popular software on the market and until Windows 7 came out, it was the duct tape and popsicle sticks of operating system.