Vacations Around The World

by: Marc

Vacations are anticipated in every country around the world because they are, no doubt,  the best time of year for employees. Generally in Canada, employees are entitled to two weeks of vacation per year (not including statutory holidays). If you think that’s not enough, you are definitely right. According to a survey, Canada ranks second last in available vacation time, just before Mexico who only gives a mere thirteen vacation days.

So we proposed a question; which country has the most vacation days? You’ll be surprised to see that Russia comes up in first, allowing their employees a whopping 40 vacation days, including statutory holidays! I know that may seem a little bit depressing to you Canadian folks because in reality, most of the European countries rank high on the list (36 days for Italian, 35 for French, 34 for Spanish, 29 for Germany etc.), but don’t get any ideas thinking that we’re lazy, we work hard too! 

You can take a look at the ranking list below at the following picture.
So after reading this information, which country would you like to work in?

Ranking vacation days