Welcome to the team, Sommer!

by: Adam

Hamilton native Sommer Yaguchi is thrilled to join the FPM3 team as our new Marketing Sales Coordinator. Her passion for providing exceptional customer service and forging meaningful connections are just a few of the reasons Sommer strives for excellence in her chosen field.

After graduating from George Brown College with a diploma in business marketing, she expanded her skill set through a number of positions in different sectors by learning the ins and outs of the hospitality and sales industries both in managerial and on-the-ground positions. Her trajectory into the business world wasn’t necessarily a straight one, but all of her past work experience has allowed her to foster a greater appreciation for the value of hard work and the importance of customer satisfaction.

Being self-motivated allowed Sommer to continue growing her marketing career through her last position as a business to business sales person. This job involved high levels of customer interaction and pushed her to invent creative sales tactics to achieve success for both herself and the company.

As they say, team work makes the dream work! Sommer is a team player who sees group collaboration as an integral component to success, which is one of the many reasons she looks forward to kick starting her career with the innovative hub that is FPM3. Always a creative, Sommer is confident in her abilities to succeed in the fast-paced world of advertising. The broad client base catered to by FPM3 offers an exciting range of prospective projects and client-based relationships to be made.

When dealing with stressful scenarios and time crunches, Sommer’s excellent time management and organizational skills come to the rescue. She has experience dealing with multiple accounts and balancing hectic situations with a level head and a smile.

Sommer is extremely excited to apply her past experiences and gained skills to this new position as Marketing Sales Coordinator, and can’t wait to work with both her team and with you!

When not at office, you can find Sommer in her natural form; curled up with a cup of tea watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or book-ending her yoga routines with classic Italian cooking.