What Does FPM3 do? Websites in Hamilton, Cambridge and the North.

by: Adam

I figure this is a good opportunity to answer the common question we get. What does FPM 3 do? In some cases the question is: do you guys just make websites?. The answer to that one is yes and no. Yes we do make websites no that is not always do. I’ve define this as the Ultimate Online Marketing Agency, and that means we take a look at the bigger picture defining who you are as a business and how you branded yourself then try to develop a strategy to bring it all together online. Using the Internet as a source of media communications to your customer whether that’s business-to-business or business to consumer.

We go even a little further, where will build your website to have an online inventory in e-commerce system linking to your finance internal operations and building a mobile connection point for your staff that are remote connect internally to the office. We then look at social media as an avenue to communicate with your suppliers, distributors and even your customers to help increase your communications and your sales.

We don’t just make a website, we make websites that work for your business. In some cases you have someone that already manages your website. In those instances we offer some outside input bringing some of the strategy and how to make that website work for your business and then work with your existing web company to put it all together. This could include providing some coding expertise or sitting in an online marketing strategy through Google ads or building profile in the social media.

We offer the services of web design in Hamilton, Cambridge, North Bay and Buffalo New York.

FPM3 focus is to help organizations with their overall Internet strategy and business development. So if you’re looking for just a website, yes we can help you. If you’re looking to build your business online in a capacity to better communicate and build your brand and sales then the answer is definitely yes.

And to answer your other question FPM stands for Fingerprint Marketing and the 3 refers to March 3, 2003 when I open the company officially.