When it comes to Cellphones

by: Adam

I have been shopping around for a new cellphone and during this process I have realized that when it comes to Cellphones we don’t really have too many “real” options in Canada if you want to enjoy an “Unlimited” plan with a decent smarthphone you might have to sign a 3 years agreement and your bill will be at least $70.00 per month; which means that at the end of your “agreement” you will be paying $2,520.00 however chances are that you will be charged for other extras such as: voicemail, long distance charges because you answered that phone call while in Kitchener (I don’t get their “long distance” concept!), multimedia text (not included on your plan), etc., at the end you will be paying over $3,000.00 AND you might have to pay $99.00 or $199.00 upfront  for your phone!

I don’t even bother to see what Bell, Rogers, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo, Telus have to offer: It is the same thing with different color and logo. There are a few others that are trying to change the market (at least a little bit): Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Chat-r; they might not have the best coverage or the coolest phones, however they are trying and that is what it counts. Would their effort be enough? Only the time will tell.

We can spend a good amount of time talking about the why we are abused by our cellphones providers however I would like to focus on the solutions, the “how we can stop it”. Please let me know you thoughts because I want to be part of that solution.