When Working With Us, You're Protected

by: Adam

We’ve taken our credibility a step further and now guarantee our clients protection with errors & omissions insurance.

When choosing any marketing/web agency, you need to consider protection of your intellectual information (i.e. your ideas, your creativity, your personal information and values, and protected company data). Your agency of choice should be accountable, responsible and completely credible.

Most small home office or basement operations don’t have the infrastructure or in-house talent to get the job completed when you need it done. To add to this statement, most small home office or basement operations, simply cannot afford insurance to protect their clients. At FPM3, we believe in protecting our clients and we do carry Professional Liability (AKA Errors & Omissions) insurance (definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_liability_insurance). We will provide a copy of our insurance certificate for any client who requests it.

FPM3 believes in providing the best quality product and service to our clients, and we hold ourselves accountable by offering Professional Liability protection. With this coverage in place, we offer you peace of mind when starting any new working relationship with us.