Why Commercials and Brands Are Important

by: Adam

Watching commercials is not only an enjoyable and instructive part of my entertainment, but also a dream job for the future. Commercials are part of advertising campaigns and for me, are works of art. It is creative work and like any other skill, deserves to be respected. It has evolved as part of the competition; and competition is all a part of being in business! It causes companies to come up with new products or services to better serve you, the end consumer.

If you still can’t see the value in commercials, imagine yourself on a Caribbean island… but wait a second, not the paradise island you went to on your last vacation. No, imagine yourself trapped for 29 years on the same island, the real one, same heat but no beach around; just lots of work and no Fortino’s. Imagine yourself going out to buy some oatmeal, any kind, no matter the brand…and at the end of the day you cannot succeed in your purpose. When you turn on your television, the political propaganda praises the hero that for some historical, political and patriotic reason only making sense to him; causes you not to find your oatmeal or any other desired product. Multiply the same frustration for 365 days in the year by 29 years.

So, welcome back dear reader, to your consumer based society where you can find different oatmeal brands and flavours. You must be wondering why not a middle point. Well, in real life, there is no middle point.

So every time you watch that funny, entertaining commercial that takes you out of your routine, and makes you believe in a better life, think about what could be your life without those thousands of competitive brands that make your life easier.