Why your business needs to be online!

by: Adam

As you can see in this chart that was created it’s evident that millions of people are using online to share, entertain and now purchase. Where does your business fit online and how are you going about positioning yourself to your customers?  Every 60 secs x $1,000,000 is spent online. Thousands of people are seeking for services similar to yours and how are you letting them know you exist.

The problem with online marketing these days is that you’re so busy trying to make sure your product and service meet your customer needs you tend to forget you need to keep communicating to them through online marketing. 15 years ago you were able to talk to a sales rep within one of the mediums, radio, television, outdoor or newsprint and they would take care of putting together the ad for you. After it ran they could come meet with you and discuss the success or challenges with the campaign. You pay your fee and they would go and start again or you would try another alternative traditional media.

As a small business owner you don’t have the full resources available to constantly post, monitor and ensure your business is getting found through Google which is still 98% of the search options online. Don’t forget about YouTube which happens to be owned by Google and is the second largest search engine online.

FPM3 is capable of assisting with getting your business online, keeping your brand consistent and ensuring that you are speaking to your customers and they have the ability to reach you. We’ve setup website analytics, along with tracking systems allowing for the website to be monitored and measured. FPM3 has been serving small businesses with their marketing needs for over 16 years and was founded by Adam Oldfield.  Adam started in the computer industry back in 1992, understanding the methods of the internet he linked it to his advertising agency….which became FPM3 with the market growing even stronger with online sales for small business. Give us a call and FPM Marketing show you how we can give you the best online advertising insight and give you a return on investment making money for your business through your online website.