Windows 8 is coming

by: Adam

Windows 8 you say? Why does this matter and why should I care? Why should anyone care?

We here at FPM3 are always keeping our eyes and ears open for the latest news in technology, and yes even if it’s Microsoft coming out with new products. The majority of our office here is running on Apple’s OS and recently having upgraded to Lion, not Mountain Lion (we like to make sure all the bugs are out and stable before upgrading), and we’re now enjoying the updates of Lion and quite happy as it’s working well with our internal software too. While the majority of our web department have Windows running on their machines, it’s important for us to keep know how this is going to effect their machines if we do consider upgrading the programmers/web developer’s tools; so let’s take a look at some of the feature Windows 8 has to offer.

So why does Windows 8 make our eyebrows arch like we’re the The Rock from the WWE? It’s because it’s got a host of new security updates, an answer to be the on operating system for Tablet’s and Desktop PC’s, and huge improvement on device integration. Now we don’t have Windows 8 in the office here to play around with and to test ourselves, but based on initial reports and reviews, people are liking the new experience, but it’s not perfect.

One major theme throughout professional’s reviews is that the interface is an excellent substitute for iOS and Android tablets, while with the flick of a button or two you can swap to the more traditional Desktop experience of Windows is a bit of a hit and miss for your desktop. The responsiveness of the tablet functions is well executed and makes using a tablet a great experience; while the traditional desktop Start Menu now seems powerless and features having been removed.

Now I’m a PC user, a heavy PC in-fact so hearing that the Start Menu is now not as resourceful/powerful does ring some warning sirens in my head but I won’t know until I get my hands on it, which should be in October of this year.

One last piece of tidbit information, Microsoft may have picked up a good cue from Apple with he low cost for upgrading your OS from Windows XP or Windows 7, is only going to cost you $40 (USD) – that is a great plus!

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