Worry-Free Warranty Packages Are Here!

by: FPM3

Your Website Requires Maintenance.

— Just Like Your Car Requires Maintenance  —

Just like cars, websites require maintenance in order to operate properly. When you buy a car and drive it off the lot, that car still requires oil changes, constant monitoring, and seasonal ongoing maintenance. Similarly, maintaining your website is crucial to ensure that it’s secure from malware, vulnerabilities, hackers, and viruses.

Let’s Talk Website Health
Your website is unsafe and vulnerable if any of the following items are true:

  1. Your WordPress version is outdated.
  2. Any plugins are outdated.
  3. If your security is outdated.

If your website is not “maintained” or “healthy,” like a car, it can break down at any time.

Hackers Target Unmaintained Websites
Unmaintained websites have outdated software, plugins and security features. This generates holes, providing hackers with an easy entrance into your website. Most of the time, users are not aware that their website has been infected until it is too late.

How Can We Help?
FPM3 offers affordable, ongoing maintenance packages to regularly monitor the health of your website, update software and protect it against hackers, malware and viruses.  

Our packages offer peace of mind so you, so you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business.

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