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Latest News

FPM3 Lifesavers Park Extreme Park Makeover Recap

It was a very busy weekend out at Lifesavers Park on the corner of Cumberland and Sanford Avenue. The park was packed with members [...]

Lifesavers Park: The City of Hamilton's Media Advisory

The City of Hamilton is just as excited about Lifesavers Park as we are. Here is the Media Advisory they sent out today: Lifesavers Park going [...]

A Very Eventful Week at FPM3

It’s no typical week here at FPM3. We’ve been celebrating birthdays (Happy Birthday Ryan, Raven, Salena, and Peter!) with ice cream cake, supporting and [...]







With over 12 years of being in business, we are still the cutting-edge, North American-made leader in the web marketing and advertising world. We are always three steps ahead of our competition. FPM3’s award-winning team assists our clients with all aspects of marketing and fulfills every aspect of an elaborate campaign including: strategy planning, website design and development, hosting, SEO, mobile development, social media marketing,  graphic design and brand development. In addition, we will teach you how to use this amazing web technology to stay ahead of your competition and educate you for the future of your business.

Our philosophy at FPM3 is that no one individual is tied to an account, it’s a team effort. This outlook guarantees that our products, services and entity remain in tact. It is the foundation of why we come in each day and it’s truly what makes FPM3 as unique as you!


Our Team

At FPM3, we thrive on actively working together. Our team has combined expertise in business and sales strategy, advertising, media, communication, copywriting, graphic design, website and coding skills and when they’re fused together, it provides our clients with a business solution that ensures success. When you choose to work with FPM3, you’ll receive innovative strategy that works for your business to help you make money through strategic planning, creative designs and online marketing execution.

Hamilton, ON

  • Adam

  • Joaquin
    Director of Sales

  • Nicolle
    Marketing Coordinator

  • Peter
    Account Coordinator

  • Raven
    Executive Assistant

  • Salena
    Operations Manager

  • Kelly
    Web Developer

  • Ryan
    Graphic Designer

    Cambridge/Kitchener, ON

    • Adrian

      Our Work

      Web & Mobile

      Video & Animation

      Branding, Print & Media


      FPM3 Locations North Bay Cambridge Hamilton Niagara Falls, NY Canada United States
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      When choosing any marketing/web agency, you need to consider protection of your intellectual information (i.e. your ideas, your creativity, your personal information and values, and protected company data). Your agency of choice should be accountable, responsible and completely credible.

      Most small home office or basement operations don't have the infrastructure or in-house talent to get the job completed when you need it done. To add to this statement, most small home office or basement operations, simply cannot afford insurance to protect their clients.

      At FPM3, we believe in protecting our clients and we do carry Professional Liability (AKA Errors & Omissions) insurance.