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Worry-Free Warranty Packages Are Here!

Your Website Requires Maintenance. — Just Like Your Car Requires Maintenance  — Just like cars, websites require maintenance in order to operate properly. When you buy a car and drive it off the lot, that car still requires oil changes, constant monitoring, and seasonal ongoing maintenance. Similarly, maintaining your website is crucial to ensure that it's secure…
by: Adam

Instagram stops bullying? - AM640

President Adam Oldfield, speaks with Jeff McArthur on AM640 on the new features to help stop bullying online through Instagram. Is it really helping or is it just to let users feel better. Reality is that the features are simple. a) If you post something that is questionable...insta will ask "Are you sure you want…

With over 16 years of being in business, we are still the cutting-edge, North American-made leader in the web marketing and advertising world. We are always three steps ahead of our competition. FPM3’s award-winning team assists our clients with all aspects of marketing and fulfills every aspect of an elaborate campaign including: strategy planning, website design and development, hosting, SEO, mobile development, social media marketing,  graphic design and brand development. In addition, we will teach you how to use this amazing web technology to stay ahead of your competition and educate you for the future of your business.

Our philosophy at FPM3 is that no one individual is tied to an account, it’s a team effort. This outlook guarantees that our products, services and entity remain in tact. It is the foundation of why we come in each day and it’s truly what makes FPM3 as unique as you!

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