What Happened?

This story needs to be shared, as it relates to the sales and marketing industry. It made me laugh…sadly; but like marketing you have to review, define it, and decide what direction to go in based on what you learn. Recently the GM plant in Oshawa announced that it was closing down with hundreds of […]

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Email Is Not Dead

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 – the headline was “Death of Email”. The updated 2019 version is Rise of the email! Articles everywhere were talking and Publishing messages about how email was going to be dead and we need to start migrating over to a new platform with all the messaging system. I think that […]

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Over the past few months, FPM3 has been working side by side with Dan Gauthier, an experienced font designer, to create a custom built website showcasing hundreds of his designs. Mr. Gauthier began designing fonts over twenty years ago. It was always his passion, however, he never thought he’d be able to turn it into […]

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Plus Size Facebook Ads

Facebook has certainly run into their fair share of controversy, but somehow keep finding a way to make us feel worse about ourselves. Controversy has struck over the last couple days over a Facebook ad featuring Tess Holliday in a bikini. Cherchez La Femme designed a Facebook campaign that aimed to help promote confidence and […]

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Te Quiero Taco Bell

Cinco de Mayo has come and gone, but Taco Bell made sure that it was on for the books. More and more people and brands are finding ways to indulge in the popularity of Snapchat and I don’t blame them. As per my previous article on Snapchat, and how the application has been able to […]

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Honda Says No To Texting and Driving

How many of you text and drive on a daily basis? I bet a lot of you do. It’s something that we have all grown accustomed to doing on a daily basis (hopefully not too many of us). Don’t get me wrong, social media is an amazing tool to connect with people and loved ones […]

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Snapchat – Does it Work for Every Brand?

Funny filters and emojis aside, is there a real use for Snapchat as a social platform for brands to use? I believe so, and so does content creator of Vibes; Julz Goddard. The one mistake she believes many brands are making nowadays is relying on commercial space rather than focusing their attention on a platform […]

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